Our Egg Donor Program

Egg Donation is designed to assist women who have specific reproductive problems to conceive a baby. Many women suffer from ovarian failure, either due to premature natural cessation, advanced age, or chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In addition, some women have ovaries that cannot be adequately stimulated for In Vitro Fertilization, while other women have transmissible genetic problems, which precludes the use of their own eggs.

The Fertility & IVF Center of Miami introduced the first Egg Donation program in South Florida in 1992. Since then, the Center has maintained excellent pregnancy results, and through continued recruitment efforts, has available a wide variety of donors, reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity for which Miami is known. Our specially trained nurses are sensitive to the issues involved with Egg Donation and will guide the recipient couple through the selection process, with sensitivity and discretion.

During the donation process recipient couples complete testing for infectious diseases, genetic screening, and other diagnostic testing. Couples also consult with a psychologist familiar with issues relating to egg donation and assisted reproductive technologies.

Recipient couples meet with an egg donor coordinator to discuss the donation process and the characteristics they are searching for in a donor. Egg donor coordinators search the donor database for matches and provide the couples with donor profiles containing medical history, family background, and personality profile.

  • Recipients: If you are interested in receiving information about our Egg Donation program as a recipient, please contact us.


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